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Review: Cerberus FTP Server

A few days back I badly needed my machine to function as a FTP server and Microsoft’s IIS decided to screw me at this very moment. The web server component was running fine, while the ftp server component refused to yield to any amount of trouble-shooting. I tried many of those free FTP server software out there, but, none of them proved to be any good, until I came across the Cerberus FTP Server. It’s a snap to install, configure, and use this software.

What I really liked about the Cerberus FTP Server is this:

This product is “free for personal use and not-for-profit charitable organizations”. If you are a company, and do not fall under the “personal use” or “not-for-profit charitable organization” license, you may purchase Cerberus FTP Server from the link below. Companies are permitted to install and use Cerberus FTP Server for a 30 day trial period before purchasing.

Give it a try today.

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