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The Citibank Saga: Part 3

What do I see in my e-mail today? This…

Your free-for-life Citibank Gold Card is on its way…

Dear Vinaya Honavalli S,

You are among the privileged few who have been chosen to receive a pre-approved Citibank Gold Card. This is yours by virtue of being a valued Suvidha Customer. What’s more, in recognition of your special relationship with us, the Citibank Gold Card comes to you absolutely free for life!

The Citibank Gold Card is simple and convenient to use. It entitles you to:

  • High Credit and Cash Limits and insurance benefits
  • Exclusive Privileges in airport lounges
  • Comprehensive Insurance benefits

Apply now! Offer closes December 15, 2005.

My thoughts.

Privileged actually means anybody who is unfortunate enough to have a Suvidha account. I don’t like pre-approvals that happen behind my back. I don’t want to be a valued “Suvidha customer.” This “special relationship” arose not by my choice, but because of my employer. I wouldn’t touch a Citibank Gold Card even if it were to be offered free for nine lives. I hate high credit and cash limits. I don’t want to lounge in an airport with exclusive privileges. If I want insurance I know where to get it.

What I did not understand was that if the card is already on its way why do I need to apply again? Could somebody explain this to me?

Finally, there is an icing on the cake. The e-mail also has a foot-note that reads:

“This emailer is intended only for Citibank customers and does not tantamount to spamming.”

ROTFLMAO. I guess it’s time to re-define spam.

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4 thoughts on “The Citibank Saga: Part 3

  1. Actually they send you the card at home by post and then ask you to send some documents to activate the card. So once you send the docs to them, your account gets activated…

    But they charge extra processing fees or high interest rate on installment to make some quick bucks…


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