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If you are planning your vacations through Leisure Destinations, think again. In fact, don’t do it – if you value your money and time, that is. We had a very bad experience with this travel shop, on our recent trip to Kodaikanal. The shop has a tie-up with one “Goldan Parks Inn” – and no, that is not a spelling mistake – where the lodging is as bad as it gets. Leisure Destinations convinced us that there was not a single room available in any other hotel in Kodaikanal – they are that glib. The truth: every hotel was almost half-empty.

The first room that we were given at Goldan Parks Inn resembled a mini-jungle. If we had looked hard, I am sure that we would have found an as yet unknown reptilian species. There was no hot-water, the room stunk, and the hotel staff told us that maintenance works were being carried out. Shruthi – the angry young woman – took her temper out on the receptionist. The result: we were moved into a deluxe room. No smell, but still no hot-water. More yellings followed and resulted in some hot-water; finally. I don’t know how we survived in that room for three days.

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  1. in contarst to ur experince mine was a good one . as i had stayed in Goldan Parks inn ,let me tel u the accomodation was really a good one, very clean and neatly maintained. the services were also good and as i had been there in the month of was really cooool and romantic. and yes travel arrangements had been made by Leisure destinations

  2. My friend also had a very bad experience from Leisure destinations, Bangalore. They don’t seem to be very professional in their act. They promise something and give something else. Infact my friend was running around them for nearly 2 months coordinating and getting the price finalized and then after paying the amount took around 1 month to get confirmation for hotel booking. They never reply to your emails… never reply to your calls….and mostly never respond to your calls….please be aware of this. Thought it would help some body else.

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