Little Italy

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Have you been yearning for some sumptuous Italian food? God has just answered your prayers in the form of Little Italy on the 100-feet road in Indiranagar. If you are on Airport Road near that pathetic excuse for a fly-over, take the turn towards Indiranagar. It’s located close to the big Reebok showroom. Look hard, […]


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Today, my three-year old niece Anusha, came to me with a pack of books and asked me to pick out the Cylinder book. Not sure that I had heard her correctly, I asked her to repeat the name in front of my sister and brother-in-law. She said, “Cylinder book,” and insisted that the book was […]

Free Software

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Here’s a great offer from Serif Software. You can now download and use their products for free. Fill in the registration form, download the software, look in your e-mail for the activation key, register your copy, and unleash your creativity. From PagePlus SE – Desktop Publishing PagePlus SE is the easiest way to get […]

Rolls That Rock

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Today’s meal was at Kaati Zone, an eat-out on Church Street that serves yummy rolls. The menu includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian rolls. Prices lie in the 35 – 50 rupee range. The deli has a quiet atmosphere and is pretty neat. Don’t forget to try the delicious Aloo-Channa chaat. My recommendation: Give it a […]

Leisure Destinations

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If you are planning your vacations through Leisure Destinations, think again. In fact, don’t do it – if you value your money and time, that is. We had a very bad experience with this travel shop, on our recent trip to Kodaikanal. The shop has a tie-up with one “Goldan Parks Inn” – and no, […]

Wonders of the World

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812 Wonders of the World (and Growing) In 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) sponsored an international agreement to start a World Heritage List of sites that make up the heritage of all humankind. There are now 812 sites on the list–812 world wonders–and more are added every year. In 2001, […]

A must read

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Spend any time in Pakistan, and you realize it’s a land full of conspiracy theories: 9/11 was a Jewish Mossad plot; the Pakistan army is killing innocent Muslims in Waziristan at the behest of the Americans; Musharraf is only pretending to wage war against terrorists to appease Washington. Read the full report.

Stunt Biking

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In Kodaikanal, you can indulge yourself to a serene bicycle ride around the lake. Or, if you are adventurous then you can cycle over to many of the vistas that Kodaikanal has to offer. The rent is quite cheap – 10 bucks an hour per cycle. There aren’t any geared bicycles though. Avinash, who also […]