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Is there no hope?

The mobile networks in Bangalore have indeed been busy from the past couple of days. The Bangalore City Traffic Police have turned to the cellular networks – as a desperate measure – mass SMSing people to stay away from Hosur Road. The messages received so far:

On October 24, 2005:

“Please avoid Hosur Road due to water logging. Take Bannerghatta Road and Sarjapur Road as an alternative route – Message from Bangalore City Traffic Police.”

On October 25, 2005:

“Please avoid Hosur Road due to water logging. All educational institutions in City/Muncipal limits to be closed on 26th and 27th October – Bangalore City Traffic Police.”

Today, it took me about an hour and a half to drive home from Cunningham Road to Banashankari 2nd Stage – a distance of just 10 kilometres. All around me the situation was pathetic. I wish I had my camera with me today.

Meanwhile, someone has put in the effort to illustrate how Bangalore is crumbling effortlessly. Download the PowerPoint presentation (900 KB) here.

2 thoughts on “Is there no hope?

  1. Thanks for dropping my blog.
    Neat blog u have here. And yeah..nice snap. :) That does explain why u put it on your blog, aint it? hehehe

    On the current topic, its really good to know that commuters recd smses on mobiles. But the present situation was bound to happen sooner or later. Hope that mumbai situation doesnt occur out here.
    But its a serious food for thought for the bangy administration. Haphazard development cannot be allowed anymore.
    And finally it all boils down to us. We have really not pushed ourselves to get the authorities to act.

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