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Blogs and Anonymity

I am probably the only one around whose blog has a full-length photo. Many blogs do not carry a photo of the blogger. In my opinion, a face adds a personal touch to the blog. It allows a reader to connect with you. So, what are you waiting for? Paste your mugshot on your blog. Stop being anonymous.

My photo exhibited on this blog was shot at Matheran (in Maharashtra) around seven in the morning. A couple of steps behind me is a vertical drop. To get to this place, I had to wake up at five in the morning and negotiate a deal to catch a horse ride. No vehicle is allowed to enter Matheran. So, your only options are your feet or else a horse. Along the way, there is a sunrise point, where you get to watch the sun majestically rise in between two mountains – a sight I will never forget. It made life seem so trivial… I better stop before I get emotional.

Stay tuned for a flashback on my trip to Matheran.

6 thoughts on “Blogs and Anonymity

  1. My blog doesn’t have my photo because I believe I am the most unphotogenic person in the world. Seriously, all my photos are bad and I don’t want people to think that I look bad cos I actually look good.

    Would anybody who reads this and considers himself a good photographer like to take it up as a challenge? You just need to take a picture of me that I like and am willing to put on the web.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for the past 2 weeks. I was on searching for RSS feeds for some good blogs about Bangalore (since my in-laws are there and I loved the city when I visited in Dec 2004). Most of the blogs were rubbish, but for some reason your’s was interesting even though I can’t visit any of the restaurants you recommend, but find it interesting enough to keep reading.

    My e-mail addr is real and is a dead give-away to my identity since I’m the only one I know in this world with this name (I know, I’ve now looked in 2 countries) so I’m not signing with just my initials. Here’s a great book I read recently (it’s not a new book and it’s not about survival in the wild): Laurenc Gonzales: Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

    Do I have a blog? Yes actually I do, but it is currently ACL’d as I need to clean up some personal info from it first.


  3. hi
    i hope this gets posted.
    I am a cute girl and like raj i think i look horrible in photographs!
    so i too shall put up a photo only if i find one in which i look grrreat!
    so keep waitin!

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