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On The Monk Book

I did it. I finally became one among the zillions out there, who has purchased Robin Sharma’s “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.” Read it from cover to cover in one sitting. Here is what I think:

If you bought the book hoping to read about a monk who patronises Ferrari’s, then you are in for a surprise. It’s a self-help book – and a good one at that. The situation described in the book is one that I or you would eventually face – one day or the other – in this hectic world. The solutions provided are what you would find in any of the other umpteen self-help books. What makes this book stand out, however, is the narration and the way the solutions are woven. You need to read the book to figure out what I am talking about.

In a way the title of the book is misleading. The protagonist, a lawyer by profession, actually becomes a monk long after selling his Ferrari. So, in theory, the monk did not sell his Ferrari. But, when compared to alternative titles such as “The Ex-Lawyer Who Sold His Ferrari” or “The Lawyer Who Became A Monk,” I would stick to the original one any day. It’s a great marketing gimmick. That’s about the only complaint I have about this otherwise good book.


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2 thoughts on “On The Monk Book

  1. Hi vinaya
    I Hate self help books.. i think if we just listen to our parents and grand parents advice.. it is much better than any seld help book..
    These people are just out to tell us what we kno already ..Firts self help book that i threw in the dustbin -You can win by Shiv Khera.. It was full of so much bull c**p…
    Hey once again thank u for goin into so much trouble to leave a comment on my blog

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