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Ground Pepper

Today’s choice for lunch was a toss between Hotel Ramanas (on Cunningham Road) and Ground Pepper (on Infantry Road). At the junction of Ali Askar Road and Cunningham Road, Shruthi headed towards Ramanas and Goutham towards Ground Pepper, leaving me stranded. We ended up following Goutham, who happens to be a no nonsense guy, especially when he initiates a call for lunch.

Ground Pepper is attached to Hotel Chevron – a newly constructed lodging facility. Seated at our table, the first thing that struck us was the low price menu. We had walked-in expecting elite prices. The restaurant is air-conditioned, spacious (there are a limited number of tables), and has a quiet ambience. Choice of food includes: South Indian (for breakfast only), North Indian, Chinese and Italian. The express lunch option is a real tasty bargain. Throw in some desserts and you are sure to enjoy a hearty meal that is light on the wallet. All put together, a pleasant experience.

As always, watch this space for some visuals.

Note: This blog is slowly turning into a restaurant review blog. I am not sure if that is what readers of this blog desire. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

8 thoughts on “Ground Pepper

  1. Through your restaurant blogs,
    we now have more information regarding these restaurants…
    next time we are in this part of the city and want to eat…
    We clearly know which restaurant to decide…
    Great work….,
    You have been updating blogs on differnt topics.
    so yours in not a restaurant blog…

  2. Being inspired with your restaurant reviews, We thought of trying out Ground pepper today and went there. We liked it very much..Thanks a lot for the valuable information in the form of your blog..Keep it up..


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