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Paragliding in Kamshet

Public Service Ad from Nirvana Adventures, Kamshet:

Hi All.

The rain clouds have spent themselves and the south west monsoon winds have waned. Indian festivals mark the changing of the seasons and Navratri (the prelude to the Dushera festival which symbolizes the struggle between the forces of good and evil, and the eventual victory of good over the evil) has brought the east winds all the way to the coast. For us para-gliders at Kamshet this is good news and we at Nirvana Adventures announce the beginning of a new and glorious flying season.

Native Place, our guesthouse sports new changes with many more indoor and outdoor hangout spaces for you to chill out in while you are not flying or swimming in the lake. These will soon reflect on the website.

Call Sanjay or Astrid:

Mumbai: +91 22 26053724, 26493110
Kamshet: +91 2114 266187 / 266278

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