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Sigma Mall

It’s been a hectic week with the camera. Today morning, I read in the Times of India (at Goutham’s house) that Pantaloon was inaugurating its store at the Sigma Mall on Cunningham Road. Sigma is about two-hundred meters away from my office. Never the one to miss such an event, I set off for the mall along with Goutham and my PowerShot A95.

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The Pantaloon store is quite refreshing and colorful. It’s got a trendy collection of clothes – both casual and formal. The trial rooms are quite big as well. In total, a good shopping experience. I ended up buying a pair of trousers from Pepe and a t-shirt from Ajile.

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The exit strategy, however, is quite weird. Although there are hi-tech detectors near the exit, you are still required to produce the shopping bill(s) to the neatly-dressed security guards standing near these detectors, who then simply punch a hole in it and hand it back to you. Huh? Just imagine the situation if the store were to be crowded. The next time I am there, I’ll certainly ask “Why?”

The other stores are yet to open shop. There’s a multiplex coming up as well. I did not get to see the parking arrangements at Sigma – the consequence of having an office close by. I don’t have to worry one-bit about parking my vehicle.

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