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Wrong Number

It’s certainly not my week for holding conversations. A friend made a single digit mistake in sending me a phone number over instant messenger. The result:


Voice: “Hello.”
Me: “Hi. I had called you up earlier today.”
Voice: “Is this Mr. Mohan?”
Me: “Hmmm…No. “
Voice: “Oh sorry. Tell me sir.”
Me: “Can you book us the reservation in Kodaikanal that I had asked for?”
Voice: “What? Kodaikanal?”
Me: “Isn’t this Leisure Destinations?”
Voice: “No. This is Standard Chartered Bank.”
Me: “Oh shit…”

The call ended with a profuse apology from me and a round of laughter. On the brighter side, for once the tables were turned. Instead of Standard Chartered Bank hounding me to sign up for a credit card, it was my turn to call them and ask for an extraordinary request.

Note: If I don’t show up on this blog for a day or two, it’s because I am hunting for my friend who is hiding somewhere.

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