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On E-Mails

The number of e-mails in my “Top Secret” folder just crossed 1000. It took just 104 days to reach this landmark. Any e-mail that originates from within my office and is absolutely of no consequence goes into this folder. Typical subject lines include:

  • Please have some Tirupati prasadams at my desk
  • Sweets and Khara at my desk
  • Chocolates at someone else’s desk
  • Chips in my cube.. very limited quantity
  • Good Bye
  • All the Best ( Bye Bye)
  • Palani Prasadham at my desk…
  • Gang robbery
  • Shirdi prasada and some limited “bhakarwadi” on my desk
  • Cakes ….. Thank you for the warm birthday wishes
  • Prasada from Udupi & Mookambika temples
  • Sweets From My Native
  • Chocos FCFS
  • Some (very few chocolates from Ooty) at my desk.
  • plz…have tirupathi prasada at my desk

Note: These are subject lines copied verbatim.

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