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Flyover in Basavanagudi

National College Basavanagudi Flyover 1 National College Basavanagudi Flyover 2

The famed flyover near The National College, Basavanagudi is finally being inaugurated today. I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea, which made commuting a misery in that area. Probably the true idea was to siphon off a few crores of rupees. You be the judge! If it takes so long to build a flyover that is just 400 metres long you can imagine what it would take to improve Bangalore’s infrastructure.

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  1. Nice Blog. Stumbled on to it while planning my trip to Bandipur. I am taking your advice and going the “Tusker Trails” route. Will even go up to Goplaswamy Betta. Wondering if that the flyover next to the ISRO colony near the airport is still under construction….

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