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The Graduate Record Examination

Four years ago, I, Vinayak, Raghuram, Sandeep and Shruthi signed up for GRE coaching. All of us wanted to live the great American dream. The classes were conducted by Shashi Consultancy in a home-turned-classroom in Jayanagar (near Ashoka Pillar circle). Highlights from those days:

  • The first word we learnt was “procrastination.” As fate would turn out, our dream intimately followed this word.
  • On the first day, the lecturer who was supposed to coach us on the Analytical Section of the GRE wrote his first word on the blackboard: “Anal.”
  • The same lecturer, like a trained parrot, kept on repeating “You are all very lucky sir,” for anything we said. He ended up with the title “Lucky Sir!”
  • Shruthi and Sandeep ultimately wrote the exam and then forgot about it. Now, they are married. I registered for the exam, postponed many times and finally lost my money. I registered again, postponed again and lost my money again. Raghuram never spoke a word about it. He still doesn’t. Vinayak went to the UK.

This post was inspired by Minal. Thanks Minal.

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