Wrong Number

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It’s certainly not my week for holding conversations. A friend made a single digit mistake in sending me a phone number over instant messenger. The result: Ring…Ring… Voice: “Hello.” Me: “Hi. I had called you up earlier today.” Voice: “Is this Mr. Mohan?” Me: “Hmmm…No. “ Voice: “Oh sorry. Tell me sir.” Me: “Can you […]

My artistic side

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The other day I made an evening trip to The Garuda Mall with a close group of friends. Standing outside Shopper’s Stop I noticed something in my friend’s hand. A summary of our conversation: Me: “Hey! What’s that rusted thing you are holding in your hand?” She: “@&%^!!!*~” and immediately followed by other censored out […]


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The results of the Incredible India essay writing contest will be announced tomorrow. Hopefully, my entry will be picked for a prize. What would I do with the cash? Run out and buy that laptop I have always been dreaming about. Wish me luck!

Vinay or Vinaya?

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On umpteen occasions people have mistook my actual name “Vinaya” to be that of a girl. I often end up with e-mails addressing me as “Ms. Vinaya” or calls that begin with “Hello Madam.” When they do realize the mistake, it often ends with the question “So…what do I call you? Vinay or Vinaya?” To […]

On E-Mails

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The number of e-mails in my “Top Secret” folder just crossed 1000. It took just 104 days to reach this landmark. Any e-mail that originates from within my office and is absolutely of no consequence goes into this folder. Typical subject lines include: Please have some Tirupati prasadams at my desk Sweets and Khara at […]

Miss Me?

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I haven’t been silent for this long ever. I haven’t even had the time to reply to any comment. A quick update on what’s happening in my life. The virii have finally left their temporary residence. Heaps of pending office work. Ran around like a rabbit on drugs trying to obtain a broadband connection. A […]

My Essay Submission

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This is the essay that I have submitted for the Incredible India essay writing competition. The topic is “What does tourism mean to me?” Traditionally, tourism has been defined as the temporary movement of people from one area to another in search of leisure, pleasure, recreational, and business activities. While that definition is true from […]