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I stop doing whatever it is that I am doing to watch a Jaggesh movie. Perhaps the best thing about his movies is that every dialogue has a hidden meaning. The fun lies in figuring that out. For me it’s a great stress-buster! Does anyone have a complete list of his movies?

Inox Multiplex

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Bangalore has a new multiplex opening this Friday at The Garuda Shopping Mall on Magrath Road. This is the third multiplex to set up shop in Bangalore, following The Innovative Multiplex on The Outer Ring Road and Priya Village Roadshow (a.k.a PVR) at The Forum Mall, Koramangala. For home delivery of tickets to the Inox, […]

The Life of a BMTC Bus

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If a BMTC bus could talk it would probably say “Ayyo Devare! Ee Bengaluru janara sahavaasa bedave beda”. (Translation: “Oh God! I do not want to have any association with the people of Bangalore”). A BMTC bus is a very faithful, un-complaining people ferrying machine. Despite its loyalty, it is the first thing to be […]

GMail Invites

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I presently have many GMail invites to give out. In case you need one, please leave a comment with your name and e-mail address and you will soon hear from me. Note: The comment you leave to this post, needs to be moderated by me, before it can appear on the site. Rest assured that […]