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Chaos @ Bandipur

Bandipur Safari - Click to enlarge

In Bandipur, never commit the mistake of booking a safari ride in the Jungle Lodges bus shown above. It simply is not worth the 75 bucks you pay, unless you are a professional wrestler. A better idea would be to hire an open-top Gypsy that costs 1500 bucks for 7 people. The best idea would be to stay in a private resort like “Tusker Trails” and have them take you in their vehicles.

BTW, foreigners are charged higher rates even though they get to see the same thing that you do. For God’s sake they are human beings, not visitors from another planet! I wonder who came up with such ridiculous ideas?

6 thoughts on “Chaos @ Bandipur

  1. It’s really ridiculous to charge more for foreigners. This is the same case with monuments looked after by govenment. Not just monuments, but even in hotels, planes, trains, etc., foreigners pay a much higher price than residents. If the same thing is done abroad, then Indians cannot afford to visit such places!

    It’s high time government starts doing something about it.

  2. I have gone quite a few times in this safari,my experience has always been good in terms of organization, in fact I have managed to become friendly with couple of drivers as well…may be you went on a wrong day…(avoid any of those long weekends) its a mad rush of people who are least concerned about safari but want to while away their time…

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