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Stay away from Hutch

Planning to go in for a Hutch mobile connection? Stay away!

I signed up for a Hutch corporate connection last Friday (August 12th, 2005). So far only my mom and two very close friends have the number. I received a call few minutes back from Citibank asking me if I wanted a credit-card. The caller even knew my name. I double-checked with my mom and friends to see if they had passed on the number accidentally. They haven’t. This only means one thing: Hutch has sold my personal information in record time. How low can a service provider stoop to?

Shame on you Hutch for selling me out. I am planning to terminate my connection ASAP. Maybe I should have read the fine print on the sign-up form.

7 thoughts on “Stay away from Hutch

  1. So i guess i should have gone for Hutch after i lost my phone. Its been more than a month since I got my new Airtel number and not a single unsolicited call. Stupid Airtel, I miss talking to those nice people who offered me free credit cards everyday.

  2. It is really true , the Hutch customer service Stinks , one of the pathetic service available on earth.
    They are not able to activate my dumplicate sim card in more that 15 days. Each ass hole (cust rep) there tells , the card will be activated in 2 hours but those 2 hours never completed.
    I have been using this connection for 3 years , but this time I will overlook my needs to retain this number and I will throw this piece of junk in Hutch premises.
    All jerks sitting at Hutch customer care

  3. Hutch was sick, has a very sad network… could not use the Post paid connection if I go out of the city.
    So,if some one does not want any the ads go to a place away from the current city… Simple

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