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Discovery Channel

Cool programs in July – September 2005

Space and Universe
Mondays – 22:00 and Tuesdays – 13:00

Travel to the outer reaches of our last frontier – space – and uncover the worlds that lie beyond ours. There are many discoveries that await the curious mind. Let the journey begin.

Wednesdays – 20:00 and Thursdays – 11:00

From desert-bound Rajasthan to the lagoon lands of Kerala, take a journey that uncovers the magical and mystical facets of India in a series as unique as the country itself.

Himalaya with Michael Palin
Thursdays – 21:00 and Fridays – 12:00
Starts August 18th 2005

Michael Palin, intrepid explorer and adventurer, takes you on a thrilling journey into the mountains where Gods reside. Here, nature is not a mother and only the toughest can survive.

Discover India
Saturdays – 20:00 and Sundays – 11:00

Journey from vibrant cities to the blazing desert, explore ancient healing traditions, and get a glimpse into India that transcends the typical images of the Taj Mahal and Bollywood.

Source: The Discovery Channel Programme Guide.

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