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On Hotel Athithya

There we were, myself and Goutham, trying to figure out where to head for lunch. Goutham said he had this sudden urge to eat South Indian meals. This only meant one place: Bheema’s on Church Street. It was not to be our day since the air-conditioned room was fully occupied. The only remaining table (in the non air-conditioned hall) was a six-seater and we were only two. So, we decided to head elsewhere. I remembered there was Hyderabad Mahal nearby. As we neared the restaurant my sharp eyes spotted the signboard “Hotel Athithya – Veg”, opposite Sports Station on Brigade Road. I said to Goutham, “You can eat Karnataka style meals there!”.

It was definitely not our day. The only meal served was North Indian in variety. Resigning to our fate we ordered two meals and two chocoloate milk-shakes. Athithya turned out to be an extremely lazy laid back environment. Everything inside appeared to be suspended in time. After what seemed like eternity we finished our meals. The food was OK except the Jamoons.

Goutham loved the place for these reasons:

  • There was a child crying out loud and making a huge fuss
  • There was a girl who was crying out her life-story (Goutham thought the girl was a sadist and in turn made him feel sadistic)
  • The Jamoons which made him go “Yahoooooooooo!”
  • The lodging facility

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