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Mobile phones in the work place

Why can’t people put their mobile phones on “Silent” mode when they are at work? When you are deep into work and your thoughts are shattered by those jarring ring tones, it makes you want to slap the person and stick the mobile to his/her ears. And, for god’s sake a mobile phone is meant to be carried on your person; not to be forgotten on your desk while you are roaming around and a zillion calls come through each time with an ear-shattering screeching ring tone.

In the past half hour I have heard enough ring tones to wake up Beethoven from his grave. Does the same happen at your work place? Leave me a note.

Oh shit! There comes another one…

2 thoughts on “Mobile phones in the work place

  1. Hi,
    I too go thro the same thing. When u r focussedly working ion something, there gose someone else`s mobile…wouldn’t it be better if something like automated silent mode is invented…:)

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