777-200LR Flight Test Journal

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I am hooked to Randy’s Journal. It’s like cocaine; powerfully addictive. Quoting from his recent post: Which all brings me to a launch of a different kind. There’s a new blog in the Boeing universe. This one is dedicated to the ins and outs of Boeing’s flight test program. It’s a first, really: personal accounts […]

Mobile phones in the work place

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Why can’t people put their mobile phones on “Silent” mode when they are at work? When you are deep into work and your thoughts are shattered by those jarring ring tones, it makes you want to slap the person and stick the mobile to his/her ears. And, for god’s sake a mobile phone is meant […]

Book Review

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Title : Managing Reality Publisher: Business World Price : INR 200/- Bought @ : The Oxford Bookstore in The Leela Galleria Review: May 17: Yet to start reading the book! Stay tuned. May 27: A very good collection of case studies on topics that affect the way we work, live and play in this modern […]

The Venomous 10

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Here is a list of the top ten venomous snakes on Earth. The King Cobra The Taipan The Black Mamba The Olive Sea Snake The Tiger Snake The Reticulated Python The Death Adder The Rattlesnake The Saw Scaled Viper The Anaconda Update: September 21, 2005 The above list seems to be wrong. Adam has been […]