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A call from ICICI Bank

I received a call, a few minutes back, from a lady (let’s call her Ms. ICICI) working at ICICI Bank. The conversation went like this:

Ms. ICICI: Hello, am I speaking with Mr. Vinay.
Myself: Yes you are!
Ms. ICICI: Good Afternoon, Sir. I am calling from ICICI Bank. Do you have a credit card from ICICI?
Myself: Yes I do. I have the preferred card from ICICI Bank.
Ms. ICICI: (A bit taken aback, but recovering quickly) Thank You Sir. This was just a confirmation call.
Myself: Ok. Bye!

I had received a similar call a few days back. I guess ICICI Bank is really working hard at Customer Service.

2 thoughts on “A call from ICICI Bank

  1. Hmmm… Maybe I’m a little suspicious, but I’d be a concerned about a call like that. Maybe you should call ICICI Bank and ask if they are indeed making phone calls like that. I bet there is good chance they are not. I could be wrong… only cost a phone call to find out… I wouldn’t call the number on the caller ID either, call a publically listed number. :)

  2. Suuuuper maga, I am rolling…..Too good
    I usually get calls from calling cards companies to india, (all indians) and I usually speak to them for hours and finally prove that I am on a cheaper deal than they are offering me.

    u see how jobless I was !!


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