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The India vs China debate

Hardly a day goes by without one coming across an article (be it online or print) on the India vs China growth phenomenon. The Western media seems to take great delight in comparing the two nations, with the Indian media reproducing the facts and figures blindly and with equal delight. A few observations:

  • China always seems to find more sweet spots, be it GDP growth, construction, steel consumption etc.
  • China is projected as an ever growing economy which India can never catch up to
  • FIIs are scrambling to China like there was no tomorrow

In all probability, if India did grow at a much quicker pace than China, the same media would announce that “India is growing too quick for her own good!” and then go on to list a plethora of problems associated with rapid growth.

Update: 09 March 2005

Today’s newspaper had an article on Asia’s most corrupt countries. Predictably, India is more corrupt than China.

One thought on “The India vs China debate

  1. lol so true.

    Anyway, why does it matter which country grows the fastest to begin with?
    Say China grows 7% and India grows 8%. Wow 1% difference. Are you people happy now? Has your ego been satisfied yet? lol I would think that both countries have a whole lot more issues to worry about (like the massive poverty in both countries) than to worry about EGOs.

    If I didnt know better, I would say some people in the west are trying to set up these two countries against eachother.

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