Gruha Pravesham

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In Hindu tradition, the construction of one’s home is a very auspicious event. This event is called “Gruha Pravesham” which translates (with some modifications) to “House Warming Ceremony”. The entire ritual is pretty complicated for words. The above pictures should give an idea of the rituals involved. Full size versions can be found @

Gravity Probe B project

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Testing Einstein’s Universe. From the mission’s website: Gravity Probe B is the relativity gyroscope experiment being developed by NASA and Stanford University to test two extraordinary, unverified predictions of Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The experiment will check, very precisely, tiny changes in the direction of spin of four gyroscopes contained in an Earth […]

Knowledge News

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I just signed up for a lifetime membership @ Knowledge News. The service offers a virtual universe of information. Their mission statement reads: Our mission: to support your burning passion to learn, whether you’re 18 or 88. How we do it: by exploring the key history, science, and culture behind today’s news and events. How […]

Sony Digital University

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Sony Digital University is currently providing free acces to some great digital photography tutorials. An overview of the course I am currently enrolled for: Digital Photography Made Simple Learn more about using your digital camera to improve your photography skills and capture professional-quality digital photographs. If you don’t already have a digital camera, find out […]

Quotes from COSMOS

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From the book “COSMOS” by Carl Sagan: Far more species have become extinct in the history of Earth, than exist today. They are the terminated experiments of evolution. The evolution of life requires a balance between mutation and selection. Organisms are selected to engage in sex – the ones that find it uninteresting quickly become […]

Bug Me!

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The World Wide Web originally had a goal to make information freely available to anyone with minimal fuss. This trend is slowly but surely changing, with an increasing number of sites asking you to register before giving you the information. A good example for this are newspaper websites. Few people have the time and patience […]

iPAQ PDA for sale

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Approximately 1 1/2 years in the past, I bought a HP iPAQ 1910 in Singapore. The specs: Operating System: Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Processor: 200MHz Intel PXA 250 XScale Memory: 64 MB SDRAM (46 MB user accessible), 16MB NAND Flash Display Type: 16 bit, 64K color, 240 x 320, 3.8″ diagonal, Transflective TFT liquid crystal […]

From The Gita

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The Bhagawad Gita (Song of the Lord) starts with the word “Dharma” and ends with the word “Mama”. Dharma is normally referred to as religion, righteousness, charity etc. But, the true meaning of this word is “The Law of Being”. For example, the dharma of fire is to burn and the dharma of the Sun […]