Some time last year, I decided to ditch my BSNL Broadband Connection in favor of one from Airtel. I wrote a detailed DIY post on how to surrender and close your BSNL broadband connection. Here are some interesting statistics on how many readers have downloaded my “connection surrender request letter” template –

Image showing download statistics for my bsnl broadband connection closure letter template

Data as on 06-May-2012 @ 17:10 IST.

What a pity. There’s no way to measure this impact on BSNL’s Balance Sheet / P & L.


As a follow-up to my recent post on Capital Advisor’s impact on the Indian life insurance industry, I thought it’d be a fun idea to figure out where all those download requests for my ULIP Surrender Request Letter template were coming from.

Here’s a chart of the Top-10 Countries along with the total number of download requests coming from each of them. Not much surprise over here given the rule of thumb distribution of the Indian diaspora.

What do you think?

Capital Advisor ULIP Download Statistics by Country

Data as on 03-Apr-2012


2,150+ readers have downloaded my ULIP Surrender Request Letter template!


1,500+ readers have downloaded my LIC Jeevan Anand Surrender Request Letter template!


If even 50% of them have taken action, that’s a pretty good impact! Just think of all that hard-earned money readers are retaining in their pockets and the equivalent lost revenue for the insurance industry.