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Tweets on 2010-02-12

by Vinaya HS on February 12, 2010

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1 year.

23,216 kilometers.


The Swift ZXi — a marvel on four wheels.




Tweets on 2009-03-30

by Vinaya HS on March 30, 2009

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1,600 kilometers. 1 Swift. 2 best friends. Bangalore – Kumarakom – Kanyakumari – Bangalore. 3 days. Infinite memories.


Swift Log: 1,100 Kilometers; 18 Days

by Vinaya HS on March 4, 2009

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I’ve been driving around like there’s no tomorrow. If nomads used Swifts, I’d be a nomad. Done with the first free service which is due at the 1,000 kilometer mark or before 1 month. Cost me Rs 936 (oil filter changed; engine oil changed).

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Tweets on 2009-02-17

by Vinaya HS on February 17, 2009

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I apologize for having skipped the previous edition of Awareness Fridays and for skipping today’s edition of Tip Tuesdays. Blame the Swift. Like I told a colleague yesterday, “I wake up and soon find myself inside the Swift; I get out of the Swift and realize that it’s already time to sleep. This cycle repeats.”

I expect normal posting to resume from tomorrow. Hopefully!


Tweets on 2009-02-16

by Vinaya HS on February 16, 2009

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I must apologize for not having posted much the past week. I’ve been having too much fun in my new Swift — yes, I traded-in my faithful Santro Xing at the 44,000 kilometer mark. The Swift’s so much fun that I honestly don’t want to do anything else but drive around — even for ridiculously short distances! I did a significant amount of theoretical research; one test-drive made my research redundant.

My decision making process was quite simple. No Hyundai (had enough of being “decarbed”). No Ford (why would you ever want to make this mistake?). No GM (need I say more?). No Mahindra (no taxis please!). No Fiat (seriously confused brand). No Skoda (buy car; no money to drive/service it). No Honda (no money to buy; forget driving/servicing). No diesel (give me one convincing argument). Yes to ABS, airbags, and driver-seat height adjust.

Update: No Tata (didn’t want to stop 100 meters from the showroom, open the bonnet, and scratch my head).

The logical choice: Maruti + my budget => Swift ZXi.

My impressions of the Swift ZXi. Only one. WTF (why; not what) didn’t I buy one sooner?