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The last tag refresh on Capital Advisor was way back in January, 2009! We’ve explored quite a number of topics in depth since then and hence I felt that a tag refresh would be beneficial especially to new readers of the blog. You can now see the full list of tags/topics to explore in depth on the right-hand side just below the “Featured Content” section.

New tags included include: asked and answered, early retirement, financial freedom, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, pension plans, traditional retirement, and many many more.

Simply click on one and you’ll get to read everything that I’ve written on that topic.


Site Enhancements: How to Subscribe to ALL Comments?

by Vinaya HS on November 21, 2011

in Finance

Quite a number of you have been asking for the option to Subscribe to ALL Comments received on Capital Advisor. While the comment form on each article allows you to be notified over email each time there is a new comment on that particular article, the Subscribe to ALL Comments RSS Feed let’s you keep up with all comments ever received on Capital Advisor.

Often Capital Advisor receives ridiculous/hilarious comments asking me to cancel Airtel network connections, correct Airtel billing mistakes, send encouraging SMSes, trace the address of so-and-so mobile number because X crank-called Y, etc.

I gave-up responding to all such comments a long time ago.

But do go ahead and Subscribe to the ALL Comments RSS Feed @

It might just make your day.


A reader recently wrote:

A suggestion. You seem to have labels for blog posts but there is no listing of what labels you have used. It is therefore difficult to search for a specific set of posts unless the label exists in one of your posts. It would be convenient if you can list the labels on the right-hand side so that clicking a label displays all posts tagged with that label.

I got down to implementing this enhancement last weekend. You can now find on the right-hand side of every page the complete list of labels that I have used for all my posts on personal finance. Clicking a label gives you the full set of articles that have been tagged with this label.

Did you find this enhancement useful? What other improvements do you wish to see?