coupon giveaway

When I announced the coupon giveaway, I had a list of responses that I expected to see and the results weren’t surprising. I read the same blogs (and many more) myself. I drew lots and picked two winners.

Congratulations Rohit Garg and Ankur. You win a coupon each. I’ll write to you separately with the details.

PS: The winner of the I Will Teach You To Be Rich book giveaway will be announced on Monday.

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Here’s a second giveaway for November. I have two discount coupon codes that you can use to subscribe to any of the magazines/publications from the Outlook Group. The discount can go up to Rs 500 (on top of whatever discount’s already being offered on the newsstand price) depending upon the magazine/length of subscription that you choose.

So, here’s what you need to do to win a coupon: Leave a comment on this post listing all the personal finance blogs that you read regularly. That’s it! Simple. (Of course, you also need to enter a valid email address on the comment form.)

I’ll pick two winners (one per coupon) in a couple of days and announce it here.

Note: This discount offer is outside of my control. I’ll simply forward the email (containing the discount coupon and instructions on how to use it) to the winners.