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Head over to:

Madhus Enterprises

No. 35/5, Langford Road
Near Double Road Circle
Bangalore — 560 025.

Tel: +91 80 41519430 / 50
Email: me [at] madhusindia [dot] com

Highly recommended. I’ve personally witnessed their efficiency in service. They use high-precision wireless equipment to get the job done. You can also get your vehicle’s emission test done here.

PS: Thanks to Notary for letting me tag along to Madhus, where I witnessed wheel balancing and alignment done on a Skoda Octavia, a Maruti 800, a Tata Indica, and [gasp!] an Ambassador!


If you happen to live in/near Bangalore South, there’s another awesome customer-focused tyre service center:

Tyre Professionals

No. 1, Lakshmi Towers
200, R.V. Road
Near South End Circle
Bangalore — 560 004.

Tel: +91 80 26561097 / 26561835

They do wheel balancing and alignment, and puncture repair. You can even buy a fresh set of tyres. “Wow!” service — guaranteed.


Tweets on 2007-12-01

by Vinaya HS on December 1, 2007

in The Bangalore Blog

If Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is really able to erect an underpass in just three days in Bangalore and throw it open to traffic, it would be a miracle that would rank just below God’s work of creating the world in six days.

– Expert’s view on the BBMP’s proposed instant underpasses.


If you need an Inverter/UPS solution for your house in Bangalore check out

benson Services

No. 37/5, Meanee Avenue, Tank Road,
Bangalore – 560 042.

Phone: 65705444, 65705445, 25511853, 25511854, 25547631

I have been a customer with benson Services for close to seven years now. The quality of their Inverter/UPS systems is top-notch and their service record is impeccable. Highly recommended.

Disclaimer: I have no financial or management interests in benson Services.


A visitor to this blog wants to AVOID purchasing a mobile phone from Sangeetha Electronics. Can you suggest or recommend an alternative mobile phone store in or around The Forum Mall, Koramangala?

Drop a comment if you know of such a store.


If you are (or have been) adventurous enough to believe (or visit) VLCC then a Lipo-Lift is

a treatment meant for a slackened oval face, a double chin, and loosened cheeks. It also works on a face that is naturally too round and plump.

You might now be wondering: “What exactly will I be subjected to during a Lipo-Lift?”

The active ingredient used in the treatment is CYCLOLIPASE which has lipolytic action that works on sub-cutaneous fat by activating its elimination vigorously. It also has PROTEASYL, RAFFERMINE, and FIRMOGEN that act in synergy to produce a replenishing and firming action by working on the collagen fibres by improving the elasticity of the skin.

Source: VLCC flyer [forcibly] bundled with today’s newspapers.

That, dear readers, is a Lipo-Lift. Anyone adventurous enough to go for one? I’d love to hear from you.

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At Cane-O-La

#1002, 26th Main Road, 36th Cross
4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore – 560 011.

Ask anyone to point you in the direction of SSMRV college.

Rs. 10/- per glass. Fanatically hygienic. Deliciously smooth drink. Multiple flavors (plain, lemon, ginger, chat masala, and pepper).

Note to Goutham: It’s the best decision you’ve taken so far.


“Bangalore will be unwired,” they said. The only wires I see coming out are the ones being dug up under the guile of the road-widening project. We were supposed to be hopping on to the wireless bandwagon by February, 2007. That got shifted to April, 2007. Ok. We Bangaloreans understand a delay. We are used to it. But, it’s already end-May and there’s still no unwiring in sight. In all probability, we won’t be unwired this year. What a pity!

The bureaucracy’s become a master at dishing out excuses. Here’s the latest one:

MN Vidyashankar, Secretary IT, BT and S&T, says that the delay in implementing the project is due to the expansion of the city limits and the inclusion of Greater Bangalore due to which the project will now cover 743 sq km instead of the projected 226 sq km.

“We are in the process of selecting more service providers to provide the connectivity to the expanded area and do not want to offer the service in bits and pieces by providing wireless Internet access only in parts of the city like some of the Indian and American cities.”

Source: The New Indian Express

How’s that for an excuse?

It’s not as if Bangalore abruptly exploded into 743 sq km – from 226 sq km – overnight. Didn’t the experts know the dimensions of Bangalore – and the scope of the project – earlier? Further, a big-bang approach is the worst way to implement any IT project. Surely, we knew that. Right? After all, we are the Silicon Valley in this side of the world.

There’s a reason why the other Indian and American cities are adopting a piecemeal approach: it’s the correct way. Or do we know some magic formulae that they don’t?

What’s worse is that every who’s who in the WiMax industry is setting up shop in India with ambitious plans.

Last week, Aperto Networks, builder of the world’s most advanced WiMax base stations and subscriber units for fixed, portable, and mobile applications, announced that it has significantly expanded its offices in Bangalore, India. Their new facility is almost four times larger than the company’s previous regional headquarters and will house teams in engineering, marketing, and customer service for India and the global market.

And today, Solectek Corporation, a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of WiMax equipment, announced that it is forming an operating unit within India which will manage sales, marketing, customer support and local assembly operations.

My guess is that these companies will sit around twiddling their thumbs, while we and the bureaucracy wait for Bangalore to reach its correct vital statistics.

If you have been salivating for wireless broadband – like I have – the best you can do now is to pick up a rose, pluck out its petals, and play the “Will We Won’t We” game.

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Here’s a quick list of why nots.

  1. The signal strength and quality are simply too poor to have any meaningful conversation. On numerous occasions, the cellphone display suggests that the signal strength is excellent but you are either having a one-way conversation or the call simply gets dropped.
  2. I haven’t been able to send a single SMS so far. The BSNL help-desk always gives me the same message centre number – it never works.
  3. Although I received the SIM deposit-free (being a broadband customer), BSNL has undocumented ways of recovering an equivalent amount of money. In the first bill I was shocked to see that they collect one month’s deposit in advance. In April I am actually paying the rental for May as well.
  4. A call to the help-desk confirmed the above behavior. The quality of the help-desk is several notches below when compared to AirTel’s or Hutch’s help-desk.
  5. Roaming is a nightmare. Call quality is almost non-existent.

BSNL’s CellOne service sucks.

Having tried all the GSM service providers, I have come to the conclusion that AirTel offers the best service in Karnataka. I am switching over to AirTel again.


Public Service Advertisement.

@ Polar Bear, The Icecream Zone

#10/1, 31st ‘A’ Cross
Opposite Cafe Coffee Day
Jayanagar 7th Block
Bangalore – 560 011

Contact: +91 80 2245 7455

One scoop; Lifelong lust!


Go Karting in Bangalore

That’s me, padded up and all ready to zip around on the go karting track at GRIPS off Bangalore – Mysore highway (keep looking carefully and constantly to your left after you cross Kengeri, you need to take a sharp left at the next petrol bunk). The 10-bhp vehicles (the one you see in the picture) cost 200 rupees for 6 laps, whereas the 6-bhp ones cost 100 rupees for 6 laps.

It’s a fun way to spend your evening.


Monday Morning Beauties

by Vinaya HS on April 16, 2007

in The Bangalore Blog




Caught these beauties dancing over my compound in the mid-day sunshine.

Hope these pretty darlings washed your Monday morning blues away. Have a great week ahead.


Make Hay While The Lightning Strikes

by Vinaya HS on April 13, 2007

in The Bangalore Blog

And if you can’t do that, do what the Notary did: click pictures. As they say, there’s only one thing quicker than lightning: “The Notary with a Canon PowerShot A530.”

To quote the Notary:

Yesterday in Bangalore there were thunderstorms and lightning all over the place…So didn’t wanna let this opportunity go begging…So tried my hand at capturing lightning…Was luky enuf to ve done that…he he.

Images © 2007 – Forever, The Notary™

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The Santro Xing XG on the road to Coonoor.

Hyundai Santro Xing XG

Just hit the 20,000 kilometre mark on my Santro Xing XG’s odometer. You can read what my thoughts were at the 10,000 kilometre mark @ Review: Hyundai Santro Xing. Back in September, 2005, I had said:

How would I describe the Hyundai Santro Xing in one sentence?
It’s really a sunshine car!

That opinion has not changed a bit in March, 2007. The Santro Xing is one vehicle that can really claim to have a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It’s still a peppy little monster, hasn’t let me down even once (touch wood!), is trustworthy both in the city and out there on the highway, and continues to deliver excellent mileage. Trident Hyundai, the dealer from whom I bought my car, continues to deliver outstanding service – they should be a case study in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Buy the Santro Xing. It’s one love affair that will never leave you with a broken heart.


The GEO Blog last toured through Vinayak’s garden last August (you can read all about that tour in this post – Things to put in your garden). Back then, I was in a BIG hurry to get back to Mumbai and hence couldn’t do an exhaustive photo shoot. Today, I took my time strolling through V’s garden, shooting everything in sight. V’s garden is a self-contained mini-eco system and an extremely well crafted one. Brings a BIG smile on my face every time I step in.

Enjoy the photo shoot. Let me know which ones you loved.














by Vinaya HS on December 21, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog


Download this flash movie.

It’s too good for words.


Spanish Language Classes in Bangalore

by Vinaya HS on December 15, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog

{ Verbatim from Sandeep }

Interested in learning Spanish? How about learning from a native speaker from Argentina? Mimi Maruri conducts Spanish classes at Spastics Society, Indiranagar, Bangalore during weekends, and registration for the next batch has started.

If you’re interested, come down there on the 16th or 17th of December between 10:00 to 12:00. Classes start from 14th of January 2007, and seats are limited, so hurry! For more details, you can contact [Phone numbers removed upon request]. You can also email Mimi at centrolatinobangalore(AT)

Mimi is the best person to learn Spanish from – a ella le gusta enseñar español. The Hindu has published an article on her.

Ping Sandeep if you need first-hand details.


Bangalore BarCamp

by Vinaya HS on November 28, 2006

in Public Service Ads,The Bangalore Blog

{ Tip from Sandeep }

From the official source – Bangalore BarCamp 2.0:

BarCamp is an unconference – organized by attendees, for attendees. It’s an open, welcoming event for geeks to hang out with or without wifi and smash their brains together. It’s about geekery and having a focal point for great ideas.

When: Saturday-Sunday, December 2-3, 2006
Where: ThoughtWorks’ office, Diamond District, Airport Road

I’ll be in Bangalore, but am undecided about my schedule and hence about my presence at this camp.



by Vinaya HS on November 25, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog



Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham.

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She’s got the look!

by Vinaya HS on November 25, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog


Image Copyright © 2006 – Forever, Goutham.


The Notary

by Vinaya HS on November 17, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog

The BBC’s top serial “Top Gear” has a daredevil stuntman who goes by the name “The Stick.” The GEO blog is not far behind – it knows “The Notary,” up, close, and personal. And what’s “The Notary’s” latest stunt: “drinking a Barista masala chai takeaway with a long straw.


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