What Does A Home Insurance Policy Cover?

by Vinaya HS on February 14, 2017

in Finance

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You have finally moved into your dream home. Or your home loan application is finally approved. Or perhaps, you have decided to renovate your house to give it a fresh look altogether. In any case, it is advisable that you think about getting a right insurance cover for your house.

Nowadays, people have increasingly started buying home insurance. This is because of the awareness that has started developing pertaining to the benefits and security that a home insurance cover offers. While buying a home insurance policy, there are several questions that may cross one’s mind. Some of them may be, what does homeowners insurance cover? Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing? Does homeowners insurance cover water damage? Read on to find the answers.

To begin with, home insurance coverage can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • First is insurance coverage for the house’s structure. It is also referred to as dwelling coverage or dwelling protection.
  • Second, coverage for the contents of the house against various perils
  • The third type of coverage insures a person from injuries while being inside the house

When you avail a home insurance cover that offers dwelling protection, your house will be secured against damage caused to its structure. However, the catch here is that the reason for damage i.e. in insurance terms, the cause of loss should be covered. Typically, home insurance providers don’t cover damage caused to your house due to natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods. However, in case you live in an earthquake or flood-prone area, it becomes essential to get coverage against such peril. In such a scenario, you would need to talk to an agent for a customised home policy. Do note that you would need to pay a higher premium for such coverage. Also, dwelling protection may be extended to plumbing, air conditioning as well as electrical wiring. However, this will depend on the policy coverage.

As far as content coverage is concerned, it is a very useful benefit to have these days. This holds true especially if you have valuables in your house such as jewelry, expensive gadgets like smart TV, laptop, mobile, tablet and so on. A content coverage policy not only covers these items against accidental damage but also against theft and burglary. This is a must-have benefit if you are away from home all day and live in an unsafe area. The house contents can be covered against perils such as earthquakes, flood and inundation along with fire.

Reliance offers a great house policy with unique benefits like coverage against accidental breakage of fixed glass. This is a very useful benefit if there are kids that play inside the house. When it comes to your jewelry, they are covered against theft while you are wearing them away from home too. With this cover, you need not worry about chain snatching anymore. In addition to these, you also get a great a bouquet of services in the form of HOMEASSIST, totally free. With this, you get assistance in:

  • Electronic Gadget Repair Assistance
  • Plumbing/Carpentry Assistance
  • Pest Control Assistance
  • Medical Contact Assistance

Additionally, Reliance home insurance covers your family from accidents resulting in death or disablement.

Now that you are aware of the coverage you can avail from home insurance, you should be able to choose the best policy for your house.

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