Right Steps to Follow to Claim Insurance Post-Accident

by Vinaya HS on May 27, 2016

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If you hold a valid car insurance policy and wondering on how to make a claim when your vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident or gets stolen, then read on to follow the simple steps to make your car insurance claim.

Inform your Insurance Provider

The first thing that you need to do, if you are in an accident, or you face any other mishaps, is to call the insurance company and intimate them. The customer service team of the insurance company is sure to bail you out of the sticky situation and help you under any circumstances. All companies will have a customer service contact number available on their website for immediate assistance. It is crucial that you take this first step to avail quick assistance.

Lodge FIR if the situation demands

If your car is stolen, you need to file an FIR with your local police station immediately to make a claim. Filing an FIR in case of theft is mandatory. Even in the event of a serious accident, it is good to lodge an FIR and follow the process.

Assess the damage and status of the car

After you call the insurance company, they will guide you to the nearest network garage that they have a tie-up with for a cashless inspection or repair of the damage. This will ensure that you get the best service for your car and avoid out of pocket payments. Since the insurance company has a tie up with the garage, they will take care of your repair bills and get it settled. In case your car has broken down, they will also assist to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage partner. The surveyor from the insurance company will neatly assess the car and all you have to do is just sit back and relax!

Get your Claims Settled

After due evaluation, the authorized garage or service center will come up with a solution and the proper timeline of the repair to be agreed upon by all parties. The insurance company will receive the bill from the garage, and it is their responsibility to get it settled. Any difference or copayment amount is the only charges that you are liable to pay. Only if you got your insurance company involved and intimated in the first place, the claim settlement process will run smooth. Right from the start to finish, the insurance company will be hand in hand without you and make the resolution of the claim quickly.

As seen, making a claim is a straightforward and easy process. Your insurance providers have set up their customer service department for a hassle-free settlement process. Moreover, opting for a cashless claim service with the authorized garage will save you from unnecessary payments and enable you to get the trusted service that is the best for your car.

If you do intimate the insurance company right away, the claim settlement process can take longer and will lead you to make out of pocket payments.

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