Things You See on Indian Highways

by Vinaya HS on December 27, 2006

in Travel

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One of the more positive outcomes of my recent trip to Baba Amte’s Anandvan at Warora is the treasure trove of photographs I managed to capture. Anandvan is spread over an area of about 2500-acres! Predictably, it borders the Warora – Nagpur highway. And that means you can’t keep me from venturing out regularly onto the highway for a long walk. For that matter, you can’t make me sit in one place for too long. Here’s a quick collage of my highway adventures.

Indian Highways

Our first walk at 19:00 IST on the 24th led us to a shady Dhaba (def: stretch your imagination of a highway hotel), photographs of which I unfortunately do not have. We were brave enough to eat Omelettes and Roti with Dal – and survived to tell this story. On the way back we managed to convince a tea-stall owner who had just shut shop to make us some tea.

Our next walk at 06:30 IST on the 25th led us to the same tea-stall. Shown below is the equipment used to make tea. Don’t ask me how, but the tea that comes out is utterly delicious. It’s the equivalent of nectar. You’ve got to try it sometime.

Indian Highways

The next item to come out of this highway-kitchen was a steaming pot of Poha. We sat there watching the steaming Poha, silently praying inside for one of us to make the move and utter the magic words. Sanj finally took the plunge and uttered, “Let’s dig in guys.” So off we went devouring the Poha with Channa.

Indian Highways

Indian Highways

This cute little pomeranian appeared out of nowhere and showed us a trick or two. Frisky little fella he turned out to be.

Indian Highways

Indian Highways

Gutkha, Gutkha everywhere. No. I didn’t try it – this time.

Indian Highways

That completes a quick summary of what you get to see on Indian Highways. Riotous and Adventurous. I wish I had time to explore some more!

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Goutham December 27, 2006 at 3:37 PM

Not sure if you remember. Amazing highway experiences that I can think of:

1. NH4 – On the way to Dandeli – that night walk along the highway still under construction. [ Where you tried to fit in the narrow gorge between the driver's seat and the steering wheel of a lorry ]

2. Some street in Trichy, where we asked for “Traction control” in a road side mechanic shop.

3. Gundiya – Shiradi ghats – that “ghostly” dance with the torch in the middle of the road near the tea shop.

4. Near Salem on the way back to Blore from Munnar – I tried lighting a cigarette for the first time and my lips were trembling.

Baby !!! Do you remember these?

Vinaya HS December 27, 2006 at 10:41 PM

Baby! What a question to ask? Of course I remember each and every experience.

1. I bet I’ll easily fit-in the next time around. I am much much thinner these days.

2. We specifically asked for “Traction Control for a Sumo!” My God! We also went to see the cricket score pretending to buy a washing machine. Remember? And the place was Kakkassarey.

3. Ha ha ha! You were wearing that Ferrari jacket my friend. I wish I had my digital camera back then. Those moments were priceless.

4. That scam trip! Eeeeeks!

Shruthi January 2, 2007 at 3:01 PM

Ohh! you guys are making me feel nostalgic. It’s been soo many days since we all went out on trips together :(. You silly guys realize that now, where were your brains when you guys were acting dumb?

We soon have to make atleast a weekend trip sometime.

I still get scared thinking of those ghostly dances in the middle of the highway(Shiradi Ghats). Crazy People!

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