When Social Networking Goes Too Far

by Vinaya HS on December 16, 2006

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Social Networking is the in-thing in the Web 2.0 world, as can be judged by the growing popularity of sites such as MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn, and others. Social Networking is a great concept and I completely believe in it. But as they say, too much of a good thing is bad, and we are slowing beginning to see the emergence of maniacal websites masquerading as Social Networking websites.

Consider DareJunkies – a so called Social Networking website. And what’s their idea of Social Networking? Here’s an excerpt from their About page:

Darejunkies.com is a social networking video community, where you can express your inner-most desires, fears, and boundaries by shooting and posting videos of yourself, and your friends. Pick a challenge from the Challenge List. Challenge yourself or somebody else. Shoot it. Post it. Then over the next month, members will vote on it. The 10 most popular challenge videos will split a $5000 cash prize each month! Here’s a cool catch – You can also submit your own challenges through your Challenge Manager for consideration.

We want to see your best videos. Did you accidentally fall thru a window doing a keg stand, and someone filmed it? Great. We want to see it. The top 5 most viewed videos wins a $100 prize each month. Darejunkies.com is the ultimate place to meet friends; connect with people of similar interests; share your stories; discover what exciting things motivate people; and most importantly, WIN CASH while doing it.

Your choice is simple…You can waste your content and time on the other video sharing communities, or you can give your videos a purpose and win cash!

Put simply, you get paid (hopefully) for making a complete fool of yourself online. If shooting and posting videos of yourself making out on a mattress, selling donuts in front of a police station, or showering in the street is your idea of building a Social Network, this site is for you. But I would never ever want to be a part of your Social Network. Never. Some of the challenges are downright maniacal and obscene. For example,

Sample Challenge #1

Double D with a wad

It’s time to go shopping ladies! Every time you pay for something you must dramatically pull your cash out from your laced Victoria’s Secret brazier. We know…definitely not a crowd pleaser…shopping? Boo. Now in this particular scenario all of your money should be kept in your bra. We’d love to see how people react, whether they perceive your naughtiness to be sexy, sweet or sickening. Have fun, but not too much…this isn’t porn…yet.

It gets worse.

Sample Challenge #2

Touch yourself

Sugar pie, honey bunch. You can’t help yourself…and we don’t blame you. Time to go shopping again! This time we want you to cup your breasts at all times. Be sure to ask the employees questions. Go ahead and point to merchandise with your free hand, but always leave one hand on your breast. Take it even further with some rubbing, groping, tickling, squeezing – but never make any reference to the fact that you are doing so. We are dying to see the reactions of people around you.

I think you get the idea. There’s a video titled “Shower in the Street” that has been posted by someone called “Social Idiot.” How apt! That’s what you will end up being if you ever decide to use this site.

“The idea here is that it’s videos with a purpose, said Ben Bacal, CEO of Darejunkies. So people can grab their camera and go, ‘What do I shoot?’ Then they go to the site, find something they think they can shoot, and have some direction. We all know that every good TV pilot has a blue print.”

With thinking that bad, DareJunkies is bound to fail – miserably.

{ via TechCrunch }

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