Download an MP3 of the Kannada TV Serial Maayamruga

by Vinaya HS on April 21, 2006

in The Bangalore Blog

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Right here! (MP3 – 1.29MB)

Thanks to Pratap Simha who has been kind enough to let me mirror the MP3 on this website.

Click to download the MP3 of the Kannada TV Serial Maayamruga.

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Abhinandan May 6, 2006 at 8:16 PM

Sumaaar dinadinda ee haadige hudukuttidde.
Very kind of u to have put it on web.

Guru May 17, 2006 at 7:33 PM

Thanks for the MP3.

hyd, ap.

pp September 16, 2006 at 11:50 AM

thanks for the mp3.

vish January 17, 2007 at 8:34 PM

Vandhanegalu MP3ge

somu May 17, 2007 at 3:43 PM

I like so much Mukta serial

giri September 20, 2007 at 10:41 PM

very very thanks for providing the great kannada serial mayamruga’s title song

Vittal November 13, 2007 at 1:55 PM


Hrudpoorvaka danyavada galu…
nanu tumba dina galinda ee haad na download madake hudukutidde evatu

nanu Nammura Mandara Hoove film haad na hudukutidene…
dayavittu link gallana kalisu kodi….


Shashidhar Hegadi March 8, 2008 at 7:23 PM

Mayamruga, Manvantara, Mukta were very nice serials which were able to ignite d good minds. Thanks to TNS and those made the songs available.

raj April 3, 2008 at 6:57 PM

THis is an excellent TV serial I have ever seen on the Television…..

Sowmya June 25, 2008 at 3:33 PM

Thanks for the songs :)

ashoka July 29, 2008 at 11:41 AM

Namaskar, great effort to bring such a song. thanks a lot

Vish November 1, 2008 at 7:46 AM

ee haadige thumba dhanyavaadagalu… aadare ondu sanna icche ! manvantara TV serialinna haadu iddare adannu please upload maadi :)

Bharath November 12, 2008 at 12:58 PM

I am very greatfull to TNS who has given such a nice serials. they are very close to real life….i never forget Mayamruga until my end of my life….
once again thanks to TNS……….

MADHU PATEL .U.M. December 17, 2008 at 10:33 PM


Vinayaka December 23, 2008 at 3:09 PM

Thank you very much for very nice song.

A G Guruprasad March 19, 2009 at 2:21 PM

Thank u very much. I want downloadble format of all TNS sir serila title songs. Can any one give me the link or tell where can I find

suvinder May 9, 2009 at 2:41 PM

Thanks a ton for this awesome song. I really apprecaite your work behind this song

Pradeep July 21, 2009 at 7:43 AM

thanks 4 the song 4 which i’m fond of. also i’m in search of manvantara serial song. can any1 help me out replying 2 my mail id plz….

Bharath Kumar N S September 23, 2009 at 7:18 AM

can anyone get me manvantara serial song plz…

sushravya jeevala September 24, 2009 at 1:10 AM

hey pal 2day m so happy 2 hear d song 4 which i was waitin almost ten yrs…… fact dis serial s d one which I ever loved in ma life…..anyways, thanks dude……….

Sharath February 28, 2010 at 10:22 PM

Thank you

Vinay.V March 9, 2010 at 7:50 AM

thanks,can i get eleya manasina elegalu song

ramya May 8, 2010 at 1:32 PM

nange “manvantara” da title mp3 ya link annu nange mail madi ok.. please

B July 18, 2010 at 10:05 AM

Thanks so much for providing me with the satisfaction of listening to this song after a long long time, i wanted to listen to this at the spur of this moment and I found it here….all memories came gushing back….home is now far far way, but will go back there eventually :)

simha August 3, 2010 at 9:54 PM

i liked this serial a lot… get a lot of gud memories .. AMAZING REAL TO LIFE serial….
dhanya vaadagalu

Ashwini September 30, 2010 at 7:30 PM

Thanks for this song

Ashwini September 30, 2010 at 7:33 PM

Please mail me the link of manvanthara title song..

Arun December 6, 2010 at 6:43 PM

Thumba thanks

haimad January 19, 2011 at 3:03 PM

Thumbha thanks olle library ittidira.
hage a serial na torrent sikhre haki plz

Manjunath February 20, 2011 at 5:44 PM

Thank u very much………

Santosh.hadapad February 27, 2011 at 2:04 AM

We conys the lot information from mayamraga.

Santosh.hadapad February 27, 2011 at 2:13 AM

I am one the sentimental fellow, so i want Rathasaptami tittle song.. . .pz sen me to the how to get the rathasaptami tittle song.pz
. . . . .sir,pz
. . , . . .sir,pz. . . ,
A onc again lot of thanks to u sir. I hope u sending email to my address.

balu March 17, 2011 at 5:19 PM

mayamruga dvd is it avaliable in bangalore ?

Anonymous June 29, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Yes it available in Total shop in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Praveen kumar.R March 29, 2011 at 10:50 PM

sir thank yo soo much for providing this song…i am very very happy today bcz of dat song….am very thankful to yo..sir ll yo advise me wre shall i get moodala mane serial title song….Plz sir

Sagar April 11, 2011 at 7:28 PM

Where can I buy Mayamruga DVD’s in Bangalore?

Chakravarti July 16, 2011 at 10:27 AM

Thanks boss

Mallikarjun August 12, 2011 at 1:05 PM

Superb song.. Thanx fo givin chance to listen :)

vinay September 5, 2011 at 12:13 PM

Manvanthara title song na huduktha idini. can any one upload that son

Prasanna September 28, 2011 at 11:22 PM

Sir i am searching etv kannada madusikkadalla serial title song pls tel me wr i can i get that one i am searching from so many days pls pls tel me

Jithendra kumar December 2, 2011 at 6:01 PM

Shirasatranga namaskaragalu ……….. Nanu nimma bali kelasa madabekemba bayake
nimma uttara bekagide

Shruthi April 30, 2012 at 9:48 PM

Eleya manassina elegalu e hale serial title song na plz upload madi….

lakshmi November 28, 2012 at 2:04 PM

Thumba danyavadagalu,
thumba dinadinda E adu kelbeku anisuthithu,
keli thumba santhoshavahithu :)

nandan January 3, 2013 at 5:26 PM

thanks a lote

Nandan.kB January 3, 2013 at 5:31 PM

thanks a loat and plz up load the manvantara full song my nom is 8762393463 upload time plz inform me

Shidram June 30, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Cool dude. you have done a good job

SPOORTHI July 1, 2013 at 6:29 PM

hi vinaya………thank u so much.i was seaching ths song many days….and can u plz get me manvantara serial title song……..

Bharath kv July 25, 2013 at 10:58 PM

superb song……….thanks

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