Little Italy

by Vinaya HS on November 30, 2005

in The Bangalore Blog

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Have you been yearning for some sumptuous Italian food? God has just answered your prayers in the form of Little Italy on the 100-feet road in Indiranagar. If you are on Airport Road near that pathetic excuse for a fly-over, take the turn towards Indiranagar. It’s located close to the big Reebok showroom. Look hard, or else you are bound to drive by the place.

On first glance, the menu appears quite exotic and has dishes with names you wouldn’t remember even if your life depended on it. Trust those Italians to come up with such exquisite names. The food, however, does justice to those names. It’s delicious and it’s vegetarian. The ambience is picture-perfect for a romantic date. Sadly, I am yet to experience the romantic bit of life and therefore the previous statement lacks practicalism (it’s a new word patented by me).

Highly recommended. Completely forgot to carry my A95 with me :-(

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Shruthi November 30, 2005 at 5:08 PM

Ha ha, there you go…. You forgot to mention that I treated you there on my birthday :-). So, that proves I have a better taste than you do, as it is always rare you know of such good restaurants. As, you can’t think beyond Bheemas and Ballal.

Anyway, if you like Italian food, you should definitely try i-t.alia at The Park, M.G Road It’s supposed to be the best Italian Restaurants in Bangalore.

Raj December 1, 2005 at 10:01 AM

I’ve been there. It is a great place and yes, pretty romantic. I had a tough time finding it. Its very easy to miss. The owners should do something about making it a lil more prominent.

raja December 22, 2005 at 3:15 PM


1. Little Italy I tried this yesterday night. Went with my sisters. It is not near the Reebok, near the Lee/Arrow showroom. I had trouble locating it, bent on not movinging away from Reebok showroom.

2. The food was good, very good. My sister told me that even in USA, they donot have such varieties in Italian Rest for vegetarian.Thanks for the information. please write what you ate there, that helps to have good food for others.

3. My friends told me about I-talia. It is expensive but not so tasty. This doesnot mean LI is cheap, that was expensive. There were some ice cold starters. I think it all depends on the food that you choose.

4. Indie Joe on airpot road , is offering a lunch buffet at Rs175. My office collegues went today and said it has huge continental + chinese food. It is a great offer. But if you are planning a trekking this weekend, donot go there tomorrow.

You can understand now that I donot have much work in office now.

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